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We believe in rewarding our lovely customers. Our loyalty club allows you to earn points each time you purchase your favourite cup of coffee from Miss Cocoa's.

enjoy the EXTRA PERKS of your loyalty MEMBERSHIP

We have always offered rewards for the dollars you spend. Now, we are making it easy for you to see your balance and know when you can enjoy your rewards.

Not yet a member? Easy. Next time you visit we will give you a Loyalty Card so you can start earning points right away. All you need to do is ACTIVATE your card so it is assigned to you. Read the info below.

Existing Loyalty Members who receive a card for the first time, follow the steps below to activate your card. Your existing spend will be assigned to the card when it is activated. You may choose to stay as is and not have a physical card. You can still check your balance with the team at the cafe.


☕️ Accumulate points when you purchase coffee from Miss Cocoa’s; let your points add up to spend on a free coffee.

☕️ Access to deals and discounts across our range of products.

☕️ Hear about new coffee blends and single origins, and get invites to coffee tasting, barista classes and other events.

Activate your card to earn points

Hand holding Miss Cocoa's Loyalty Club Card


1. The cafe team gave you a receipt with a code on it – keep it handy. Take a photo of it so you have it each time you log in.

2. Click on the button below to activate your card.

3. Enter all your details.

4. Bring your card with you when you next buy your favourite coffee at Miss Cocoa’s.

Your rewards can be checked online anytime. Each reward dollar you earn goes towards a free coffee at Miss Cocoa’s.

If you need help please contact us at

How to join

Join  by completing the form, or pop into the cafe and ask the team to sign you up.


It’s free to join! For every coffee beverage purchase* you will receive points which add up to $ which you can use on a future coffee purchase.

When you visit Miss Cocoa’s we can set you up with a card. You will need to activate it using the steps above. Once you have registered the card, all you need to do is get the team to swipe it when you come in. The benefit to you is that you can check the balance anytime online.

If don’t have one and don’t want a card, give us your name or phone number when you visit the cafe, we will ensure you transactions register to your loyalty club membership.



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